Note: some of these projects are in progress and due to confidentiality, the number of sales generated cannot be disclosed.

Bear Squeeze: 
beverage brand

Acquisition: We used Facebook ads and website sign up widgets to acquire new subscribers at $0.16 per new subscriber.

We put our new subscribers through robust chat flows to build a relationship with them and teach them about our products. We achieved a 90% overall engagement rate.

Conversion: We used Messenger to send promotional offers and got a 96% open rate with a 64% click-through rate.

Unicorn Snot: 
beauty brand

Acquisition: We use Facebook ads alongside giveaway campaigns to drive thousands of new subscribers at $0.12 per new subscriber.

Engagement: Our giveaway campaign drove the engagement rate on our chatbot up by 17% thus making Unicorn Snot's chatbot a success.

Conversion: During a new product launch we broadcasted a message to our subscribers. The message resulted into a 90% open rate a 44% click-through rate.

Nerd Skincare: 
health & beauty brand

Acquisition: Nerd Skincare has plenty of engaging content. We combined that content with Facebook ads to drive new qualify subscribers.

Engagement: Nerd Skincare sells a product that requires a lot of customer education. Using robust chat flows we were able to educate potential customers and help them find the product they need on autopilot.

Conversion: Coming soon...

Powerful customer acquisition channel

Sync across most platforms

Messenger marketing can be combined with your current marketing channels. Using Zapier integrations you can pull data from your Messenger channel and send it wherever you'd like.

Powerful customer survey tool

Using Messenger forms you can send a survey out to your subscribers list to collect powerful and relevant data from your current and potential customers.

Secured marketing channel

The Messenger channel is here to stay. According to a Facebook-commissioned study by Nielsen, 67% of people surveyed expect to message businesses even more over the next two years.

24/7 customer care

With chatbots, Messenger can be turned into a powerful customer service tool. Using AI, your chatbot can answer questions on the fly, thus providing an excellent customer experience.

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